Debt Rescue was created to rescue people high in debts. 

Through our programme we have been able to prevent individuals from getting

deeper into debts and have given them hope.

We are not  a loan provider

We are not a money lender.

We are a debt solution company.


We have been serving the community since 2016 . We partner with both the private and government bodies to eliminate and extinguish bad debts . 

Our company was built with the foundation of people that were so deep in debts that , "if only they knew something like this existed" 


Are you in search of help ?

Are you debts so high and hoping that the interests would stop ?

The monthly payments never decreasing the debts ?

The constant harassments from debt collectors ?

The  lawyer letters and letters of legalities imposed towards me ? 

Finding the best alternative with the least amount of interests for a debt consolidation plan ?

Look no further

We have the solutions for your debt problems . 

  • Banking Debts 

  • Hire Purchases 

  • Legal and illegal money lender Debts 

  • School Loan Debts

  • Hospitalization Debts

  • Sole Proprietor Business Debts

  • Letter of legalities from Government and

      Private Agencies

  • Debts due to scam cases

  • Debts above $100,000

  • Any other unsecured Debts

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Contact details

A'Posh Bizhub, 1 Yishun industrial Street 1

Singapore 768160

Debt Rescue by Edudebt is a debt solution 

company. They are not affiliated with any 

banks nor any financial institutions . The company

assists clients only though government assisted

programmes to bring the community to be debt 


Operating Hours : 10am to 8.30pm

(Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays )

+65 96887217 ( 24hrs )

Except Sundays


Debt Rescue by Edudebt

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