How ?

The amount of debts will be negotiated with the creditors to the fair debt to income ratio.

Who ?

We are a debt solution company who has been assisting the community for the last 5 years .

Why ?

Debt Repayment to all of your debts at 0% interest and a possibility of discounts of up to 70% off your total debts.

When ?

If you are eligible for the programme , commencement will be immediate.

What ?

Educating the community of the different avenues and making them debt free .

Where ?

All of our consultations will be held in private and closed doors. All details of consultation will be kept strictly private and confidential.

Debt Consolidation works best when you are able to clear your principal amount and finally be debt free . Unlike other credit sectors that offers an individual to buy your debts and restructure the payment in the way to earn more interests from your debts . That's where we differ .

Our plan is to immediately Freeze your interests like a block of ice . 

Stop it from snowballing so your monthly income and expense are in control . It may be a long and due process but remember you are finally able to bring your debts to a close through payments of your principal amount . 

When seeking assistance to clear your debts you would need a company who has the experience and expertise with a proven track record to show that an individual debts can be mitigated and abolished in the fixed period of time .  As of current , we have both the private and government bodies that support in our plight to make more people in the community debt free .

Old convectional method won't work in our day and age . Work more , spend less . We need a solution that has been tried and tested by thousands of our clients . A system that works . A solution to make you debt free . 

We are a committed group of people . With only one goal in mind . 

Making more people to be DEBT FREE .

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Contact details

A'Posh Bizhub, 1 Yishun industrial Street 1

Singapore 768160

Debt Rescue by Edudebt is a debt solution 

company. They are not affiliated with any 

banks nor any financial institutions . The company

assists clients only though government assisted

programmes to bring the community to be debt 


Operating Hours : 10am to 8.30pm

(Excluding Sundays and Public Holidays )

+65 96887217 ( 24hrs )

Except Sundays


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